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Sound Files

Song List

Musical Note 3

This is just a small collection of songs that have a special meaning to me.  lol  For example, "Good Morning Beautiful" is the song I sang to my girlfriend Bela at the music camp talent show I met her at.  =< )  I dedicated the song to her and she came on stage and sat beside of me while I sang to her.  Ahhh "Memories, like the corner of my mind.  Smiles we gave to one another...".  lol   Sorry, backflashes from Dinner Theatre '02.  The rest of these songs are just cool songs I've performed with friends, or songs that I  lol

I got to sing In the Still of the Nite (Boyz II Men version) with Zach Newman, Nathen Ellis, Andrew Caudill, Robert Matthews at our School's annual Dinner Theatre in '02.  We had SO much fun, and the crowd loved it.  lol

Speaker 1

All My Life

In the Still of the Nite

In the Still of the Nite

Good Morning Beautiful

Elephant Love Medley

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