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Join Funding America, Inc.
Changing the Way the World Views the Home-Based Business Industry

"Why Should I Join Funding America?"
  • No Sign-Up Fee!
  • You Own Your Own Business ($$ all of the tax benefits $$)
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Never Worry About Losing Your Job
  • Part-Time/Full-Time
  • Supplement & Build Your Income
  • Some of the Greatest Products You'll Find Anywhere
  • Our Focus is, and Always Will Be, Our Associates
  • We are DEBT-FREE
  • We Offer Discounted Health Insurance to Our Associates  (Save 30-40%!)
  • 11 Ways to Make Money with Funding America
  • You're Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired With Your J.O.B (Just Over Broke)
  • Why Work 40 Hours a Week for 40 Years, to Retire on 40% of What You Could Barely Live Off of to Begin With?

Folks I am proud to say I am associated with Funding America.  In the amount of time it takes to earn a College Degree, you can be financially secure for the rest of your life! 

To be free is to choose to be free.  I chose to be free, how about you?

"I just don't have time for anything like that..."

If I have time to build my income with Funding America, Inc. while:

  1. Working 25 hours/week at the NW Bible BookStore and Music Center
  2. Building my clientele with Perfect Pitch Piano Service
  3. Attending Wilkes Community College
  4. Attending West Lenoir School of Ministry
  5. Having a full-time g/f (): )
  6. Singing on the road with "By the Blood" Southern Gospel Quartet up to 3 more times a week

And still have time to be 19 yrs. old and enjoy life, surely you can make time for Funding America.  Your future depends on it.

"If I were working for someone else, would I have gotten a raise, or lost my job today?"

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